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If you've got an unused instrument lying around the house, why not donate it to our Share the Music campaign?


We’re asking musicians, friends and families to donate unwanted musical instruments whatever the value to our campaign. So if you’ve got a violin, trumpet, cello, flute or clarinet in your attic, cupboard or basement, please get in touch and donate it - it’ll make a huge difference to the Trust.


Donating a musical instrument that you don't use is a great way to create opportunities for young musicians who lack the financial resources to reach their full potential. An old instrument left in a family may be perfect for an aspiring musician. However, if you wish to donate a more valuable, professional calibre instrument, the Trust could keep it as part of our permanent collection and arrange for it to be used by a young musician on the verge of a professional career. Or we may auction it to raise funds to support our work.

Its easy to donate an instrument to us, just follow these simple steps. But first of all, please check out the list of items we can't accept.

How to Donate

For further information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us here

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Call us on 0208 992 2092

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of instrument should I donate?

The Dorothy Croft Trust is currently accepting donations of all traditional orchestral instruments. Critical needs include violins and cellos.


What types of instruments are not applicable for donation?

Because this programme addresses both our fundraising needs and the needs of young, aspiring classical musicians, we cannot accept pianos, steel drums and large percussion instruments because we do not have the resources to handle the sale of large instruments. For specific instrument inquiries, please contact Dona Lee Croft on 0208 992 2092.


Where can I donate an instrument?

You can drop it off or send it to our address in London, which is: The Dorothy Croft Trust for Young Musicians 14 Whitehall Gardens, London W3 9RD. Alternatively we may be able to arrange a collection if your address is within Greater London. For larger instruments or to arrange a collection, please contact Dona Lee Croft on 0208 992 2092.


Are tax deductions available?

Yes. Under certain circumstances a tax deduction is possible. If a tax deduction is desired for the donation, please let us know at the earliest opportunity and we can arrange for the instrument to be valued and will provide an acceptance letter that specifies this value.

How will my instrument be used?

Some instruments will be kept as part of a permanent collection and used by young musicians on the verge of a professional career. Others will be loaned or perhaps passed on to an educational establishment setting up a new mucic programme. The most valuable instruments may be auctioned to raise funds to support our work.


I haven’t used my instrument in twenty years, can I still donate it?

Yes! Even instruments in need of some repair will be accepted. They will be rehabbed and then allocated to one of our programmes.


What size instrument can I donate?

All sizes of orchestral instruments will be accepted, although the need is greatest for violins and cellos.


May I designate my donated instrument to a specific programme?

Once an instrument is donated, The Dorothy Croft Trust reserves the right to designate the instrument to the programme with the greatest current need.



Donate an Instrument

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